True love never gets old!

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Denison University, Curtis West


atla meme | [4/6 characters] | Suki

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↳ 30 days of One Piece: 

Day Five : Favourite island

Fishman Island

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my anaconda don’t want none unless you join the skeleton war, hun

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"You’re too slow!"

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Animal Crossing New Leaf ^U^

My tree is big now … and pink soon I hope ^O^ 

Isabelle in french is Marie =) 

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"I don’t wanna learn to fight anymore! Protect me to the end.. because you promise me! You promised that you’d protect me with your life! You said, until the day I’m filled with happiness, You’ll always be by my side!"

"I’m a toy… rain and wind will rust my body! I don’t know how long my body’s gonna last! Stand up, Rebecca! Be strong!"

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The three of them together, resting in their landscapes

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I never realized how much I missed tormenting the Avatar.

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Wooden Cityscapes Sculpted by James McNabb

Like other miniature cityscapes we’ve featured in the past, The City Series depicts tiny skyscrapers made out of unusual materials. But that’s where the likeness to other exhibits ends. McNabb describes his artistic process as “sketching with a band saw.” Each element of the exhibit displays intricate building-like forms shaped from woods of different light and dark tones. McNabb says his initial intent was not to build skylines, but individual wooden pieces which resembled tools or other strangely familiar objects. After he built nearly 250 of them in a day he noticed that they began to resemble a miniature city, and from there The City Series was born.

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